You’ve finally tied the knot- congratulations! Before you head out on your honeymoon, however, there are a few important things left to do. Don’t worry- Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys has the checklist right here, so it won’t be long before you can kick back and enjoy the newlywed experience.

1.  Are all your vendor’s accounts settled?

You don’t want to be fielding angry phone calls on your honeymoon! Take a quick moment to check in with all your vendors, and make sure everyone’s accounts are settled. This goes for any vendors which family or friends should have paid, too- we’re sure you can trust them, but the peace of mind will be worth it. Be sure to return any rented tableware or outfits too so you don’t get a snappy legal request while you are away.

2. Have you done everything needed with gifts?

People expect a thank you for wedding gifts. You may also need to swop some unwanted items with those on your registry- and close the registry, of course. Make sure all gifts (including cash amounts) have been accounted for, sorted and thank you has been said, so no hard-feelings tinge your first months together as a couple

3. Update your status (legally)

Now you are hitched, it’s time to make sure all the paperwork is finished so there are no unpleasant surprises in store. Make sure the legal documents for change-of-name is submitted, triple-check all the other marriage paperwork is completed correctly, and get the application for a new ID in as soon as possible- it’s going to take a while for the sluggish legal system to swing into action, so why not get it underway before your honeymoon?

4. Keep legal entities informed

Other people need to know about your change of status too. Make sure banks, insurance companies, SARS, credit card companies and banks, loan and medical providers, utility accounts, your voter registration, and even the passport and post office are aware of the change in your legal status.

5. Revise your estate plan

It may seem a little morbid- but it’s critical, especially if you are travelling for your honeymoon. Make sure your will and estate plan both reflect your new status, and you are listed as each other’s emergency contacts for medical situations.

Congratulations on your new life together! May it be happy… and remember, should you need any assistance with the legal niceties, Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys are here to help you every step of the way.