As you know, Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys works closely with all things property-related in the White River area. This leaves us uniquely placed to offer perspective into the market for this area, and why it may suit you for property investment. Here’s what you need to know about White River and its surroundings if you’re looking to buy in the area.

Why is White River sought after?

White River is a fairly small town, at least on the urban scale, in the less well known Mpumalanga region, so what would make it desirable for property investment? We have two words for you: Kruger Park. White River is an integral area of the Kruger Lowveld, leaving it enviously close to the Park itself, well placed between Nelspruit and the Kruger, and highly desirable to both local and international buyers.

That’s not its only charm, however. It’s a pretty area, with flowering trees lining the streets and a peace that you just won’t find closer to metropolises like Joburg. Unsurprisingly, there’s a host of activities in the area- everything from a petting zoo to a butterfly garden- to keep visitors busy as well. It’s a tight-knit community rich in creative people, farmers and those who love nature. While this may seem intimidating to breach at first, it actually adds to the draw of the area once you get to know the community more closely. Their diverse nature also means that, although the town is heavily geared towards tourism, there’s a diverse and well-rounded infrastructure that caters to all needs. This isn’t a town that goes to sleep off-season, and the ever-present lure of the Kruger ensures there isn’t even much of a down season at all.

What does the town offer me?

The tourism aspect of the town ensures it’s well stocked with fine eateries, attractive lifestyle centres, vibrant weekly markets selling local produce and more. The close proximity of three critical dams make it a great spot for those seeking a weekend away fishing, braaing or relaxing as well. Add in the proximity of some beautiful forest land nearby, and it’s easy to understand White River’s charm- and the appeal of property in the area.

Whether you’re looking into a tourist business adventure of your own, want to find the ideal holiday home, or simply want to leave city living behind you, White River could well be the perfect area for you- feel free to contact Annemarie Swanepoel attorneys if you’d like to know more about this unique area.