Do I really need a lawyer just for my terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions. Despite the fact we flip past them in a hurry almost every day of our lives, they’re critically important to almost every aspect of business and the economy. If you find yourself in need of creating watertight yet easily accessible T&Cs for your product, service or situation, do you really need to [...]

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5 times you should say ‘I need to call my lawyer’

No one wants to escalate a bad situation, and maybe appealing straight to legal help seems combative or even rude in your eyes. It is true that you don’t always need to ‘lawyer up’ in simple matters- but today Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys are going to give you the quick guide to when to call your [...]

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Applying for a bond? Make sure you are prepared!

Applying for a bond on a new property is one of the most thrilling steps you’ll ever take. Whether you’re eagerly approaching your first home, or upgrading to make space for new family members, it’s a time for growth, fresh ideas and a happy future. You’ll likely be more than a little nervous, and excited [...]

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Your occupation certificate is critical: Here’s why

Have you been told the premises you’re selling, buying or hoping to build needs an occupation certificate? This is an essential piece of the buying/selling puzzle, and failing to correctly acquire it can hold your plans up drastically. Today, Annemarie Swanepoel Attorneys unpacks everything you need to know about the occupation certificate You’ll typically hear [...]

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Don’t lose your dream home at the last hurdle

You may think making your offer to purchase and beginning the bond approval process is a time to relax- you’re so close to owning the home of your dreams, after all! However the bond approval process is fraught with potential for delays, and unless your extensions are secured in writing they can put your whole [...]

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What on earth is a Sole Mandate, and do I need one?

‘Sole mandate’ is probably a term you’ve heard bandied around the property industry, but do you truly know what it entails? Annamarie Swanepoel Attorneys is here to help you make sense of this sometimes confusing property option. One of the first questions you’re likely to hear from your estate agent when you decide to sell [...]

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Will the law recognise the property we bought together?

Will the law recognise the property we bought together? Common law marriage and property ownership in South Africa. What do you do when you share a keyring, but not a wedding ring? As society trends more and more towards a different view of marriage- one in which the big day is no longer a vital [...]

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